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Project Description

This is a contract position.

Summary of Responsibilities 

Under the supervision of an attorney, the paralegal will engage in the following activities to assist clients: 

Under the supervision of an attorney, the paralegal will engage in the following activities to assist clients: Interview and assess clients for representation; Provide advice and counsel and brief services to tenants; Perform case research and investigation;

Represent an otherwise assist clients who have received subsidized housing or public housing notices of termination; Conduct discovery as appropriate in landlord/tenant cases; Prepare witnesses; Negotiate with landlords including management companies; Engage in mediation; Represent clients in justice court, when appropriate;

Collaborate with Housing Unit staff attorneys to evaluate potential for appeal representation in county court, when necessary; collaborate with designated staff attorney on the appeal; Prepare the appeal documents for non-payment of rent cases as well as the necessary paperwork when the landlord has illegally interrupted a tenant's utilities or locked them out;

Help client with pro se eviction appeal documents, pro se writs of re-entry, and pro se writs of restoration; Holistically assess clients for the full scope of legal services needed for individual or family stability and refer clients to other substantive units within LSLA’s Houston office. 


High School Diploma or equivalent, and two years college, certificate from an accredited paralegal school, or 2 years advocacy experience.

Minimum Skills and Abilities

Must have good interpersonal and oral communication skills. This position also requires good interviewing, problem assessment and problem-solving skills as well as the ability to work well under pressure.

Knowledge of the office community service providers, agencies and demonstrates the ability to aggressively pursue the rights of the client community. 

This Project is seeking consultants.

Project Location:
This is not a remote position.
This position does not require travel.

Project Salary - Hourly
Minimum Range In Dollars:
Maximum Range In Dollars:

Functional Expertise

  • Paralegal

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