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Project Description

The part-time Senior Paralegal provides operational and staff assistance to attorneys in an assigned department.   

Performs routine legal work and/or reviews legal documents to ensure compliance with the law and performs legal research. Work involves utilizing computerized data entry equipment and software to prepare legal documents, correspondence, and reports as well as establishing filing systems, tracking the progress of filed cases, and maintaining office accounting and budget related records.

Examples of Duties

Performs legal research as necessary.

Opens, maintains, and closes files and work orders, prioritizing workload as needed.

Acts as liaison between clients, county departments, and other public or private entities.

Creates and distributes status reports to inform all parties and department employees involved on progress of casework.

Regular and punctual attendance is required.

Monitors compliance with statutory deadlines and filing requirements for all accountings, inventories and appraisals, financial investment plans, and applications for the disposition of property in both probate administrations and guardianship cases. Ensures bond compliance.

Responsible for scheduling and docketing status conferences and show cause hearings to ensure compliance.

Develops and implements tracking and documentation procedures to effectively monitor and control compliance. Sets filing deadlines in docketing software.

Conduct compliance audits on all annual accountings for probate and guardianship estates. Reviews financial, business, real estate, and tax records in support of filed accountings and other pleadings.

Ensures the compliance and solvency of required personal representative bonds, and recommends bond modifications as necessary.

Audits and reviews all attorney fee applications to ensure compliance with applicable standards, and presents to the Court for approval. Communicates with attorneys and their staff to address and correct any discrepancies involving fee applications. Sets and/or attends hearings when required.

Performs purchasing functions for the department and maintains Probate Court website.

Performs other related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

Associate's degree and a minimum three years of experience in a related field; or an equivalent combination of education and related experience required.

Bachelor's Degree preferred.

Paralegal Certificate is required in the District Attorney's Office.

Must be able to pass a State Criminal History background check.

This Project is seeking consultants.

Project Location:
This is not a remote position.
This position does not require travel.

Project Salary - Hourly
Minimum Range In Dollars:
Maximum Range In Dollars:

Functional Expertise

  • Paralegal

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